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"My casting is rubbish but I catch plenty of fish! " There's nothing really wrong with that statement but just suppose that you finally treat yourself to that dream holiday saltwater destination and suddenly you get just one chance to put your fly in front of the biggest bonefish your guide has ever seen. The problem is a very tricky wind onto the wrong shoulder and the fish is a long way away. Or maybe you have saved up for a day on the Test or Kennet and you just can't catch that trophy fish because your fly keeps dragging! How frustrating is that? The simple answer is that you need a lesson or two from me. Don't worry if you don't have your own tackle as I can supply well balanced outfits for free.             
                                                                                          An Exuma bonefish
There are many aspects of fly fishing that I cover, for example:-
Selecting tackle
Retrieves and striking
Playing and landing
Correct catch and release
Essential knots
Basic entomology
Fishing techniques
Then, for casting with a beginner:
The roll cast
The overhead cast
False casting
Shooting line
  Weighing a massive Kennet brown      
Then, for the next level perhaps:
Single haul casts
Side casts
Backhand casts
Wind affected casts
Changing direction
And finally perhaps:
The double haul
Slack line casts
Oval cast
Snake roll
Jump roll
Spey casts
Casts with mends
Overpowered/underpowered casts
and extreme distance and tournament casting.
                                                                                           River Test rainbow                     
However, the above list is only a guide. A beginner would probably start with the first two casts so that they get an understanding of the basic mechanics, whereas an intermediate caster may wish to learn some new tricks or just have a refresher course to correct a problem. Or, an experienced caster may wish to learn how to cast extreme distances and try out some tournament tackle. There are very very few qualified instructors in the world who know how to, and have cast over 200 feet in a competition with a single handed fly rod.

Whatever it is that you would like to learn about fly fishing, I can and would be delighted to teach you.
 Casting a fly is such fun and incredibly addictive so be warned.